Thursday, 30 September 2010

More Spanish!

Continuing on from my last post here are some more pics of my Spanish MotoVespa scooters...

MotoVespa 125 Super (Circa 1973)

This scooter is the Spanish equivelent to the Italian Primavera model, it contains a slightly different headset and a legshield mounted toolbox.
This model was a big seller in Spain and can still be picked up fairly easily.

My one has a front disc conversion and a slightly beefed up engine, I still have a few finishing touches to put on the scooter, the original legshield badge is very difficult to get hold of here in the UK!

The funky spare wheel carrier is bespoke to the Spanish Smallframe models.


  1. roger - hi my name is steve i have just got hold of a vespa scooter for restoration - i'm new to this - i normally build boats......i think it is the same as yours but i was wondering if i could email you some photographs and whether you could confirm it for me?
    you can contact me via

    if you could spare a mo would really appreciate it


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  3. beautiful vespa. check out my faro basso vespa restoration at my blog

  4. Hi, I tried to comment but does not appear to have gone through so here goeas again.
    What is a ballpark value on a running 51 or 52 rod model that is 99% complete but needs body and paint work. The engine was rebuilt a few years back and it is a fender light too and after a bit of gas tank work should be able to be a driver, sans the aesthetic of it.
    Any help would be appreciated, I have been into Scooters since 1983 and have never had the chance to buy a rod until now and have no clue about the current value in the states, thanks!!