Thursday, 30 September 2010

Free time=Vespa blogging

Howdy strangers,

Blimey, I got home from work this evening and thought to myself that this was the first day in months where I actually have a free evening, no errands, no band practice and no massive work worries!

The summer was brill and I managed quite a few Vespa related events including:

Driving down to Italy for a Piaggio factory tour with some of The Vespa Club of Britain going via the Mauro Pascoli shop/museum in Ravenna which was brilliant.

Veteran Vespa Rally in Tring (UK)

Beatsugar Amiens (France)

Vespa world days 2010 in Fatima (Portugal) this was excellent.

Isle of Wight rally, this was good but I always end up feeling slightly disappointed by it and look forward to the Euro Rallies much more.

Here's a pic of me and my girl Faye at Vespa World days Fatima Portugal.
Over the summer I've put together a monster engined Vespa cut down for my mate, started taking Faye's ET4 apart (it was hesitating when pulling away) and worked hard getting a couple of my Spanish scoots road worthy.
Now the dust is settling on the summer I now have a chance to really get started on the Rod model! Yay!

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